Design is not making beauty.
Beauty emerges from selection,
affinities, integration, love.
Louis I. Kahn
Established in 1997, Victoria Carter Architecture is a small design studio practicing in some of the finest Northwest traditions of designing carefully crafted buildings that respond to client’s lives and embrace the nature of their surrounding landscape – whether it be urban or rural, or somewhere in between.

We work closely one-on-one with clients listening to every life aspect as a guide for the entire length of project. We work carefully with the site, gaining knowledge and respect for its environment. We study intently materials and shape and have come to know over time that all the components need to be fully understood for the success of a project.

It has become our passion to take this knowledge and rigorously practice making spaces that are of themselves, calm. We are interested in the collection of these spaces connecting to make serene but strong buildings, which relate to the eventfulness of their environments.

Our highest goal is to integrate all these aspects to allow the beauty of a project to emerge.

Victoria Carter earned her BArch, a 5 year professional degree in Architecture, from the University of Oregon in 1989. She has also studied with Luigi Snozzi at SCI-Arc in Vico Morcote, Switzerland, as the recipient of the Louis C. Rosenberg Travelling Fellowship in 1988.

Ms. Carter has been privileged to work in the offices of James Cutler Architects on Bainbridge Island (1989-1993) and The Miller/Hull Partnership in Seattle (1993-1997), before establishing her solo practice.

She is a licensed architect in Washington and California.